Online Banking Update

What is my username?

Your username stays the same as what you used with Community Shores Bank.

What is my password?

Your password is reset to the last 4 of your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number for businesses.

Having trouble logging in?

Please call our Customer Service Center at (888) 775.6687.

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Your Merger Questions Answered...

It's with great pleasure that we celebrate the merger of ChoiceOne Bank and Community Shores Bank. Located now from Michigan shoreline to shoreline, our two community banks share the same culture, values, and commitment to serve our customers. Your Board of Directors, Management, and everyone at ChoiceOne Bank take our mission seriously: providing superior service, high-quality advice, and showing our utmost respect to everyone we meet. 

At the end of the day, it's how we treat you that will set us apart and make us the best bank in Michigan, Please view our Welcome Guide and disclosure booklet which will be mailed to each customer. This is a resource we hand-crafted for you that will answer your questions. We look forward to serving you! 

Kelly J. Potes, CEO
ChoiceOne Bank
Mike J. Burke Jr., President
ChoiceOne Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Cards

When will I get a new debit card?

ChoiceOne Debit Cards will be issued to customers with a new number prior to October 16. Starting on October 19, you can begin using your ChoiceOne Debit Card. If you use your debit card to pay recurring payments, we recommend updating this information with merchants when you receive your new card to avoid delays in payments.

What is happening to my Community Shores Debit Card?

Your Community Shores Debit Card is being replaced by a ChoiceOne Debit Card.  You will receive a new ChoiceOne Debit Card between October 5 and October 15, 2020.  Your Community Shores Debit Card will work through October 18, 2020.  Starting October 19, 2020 you will need to activate and start using your new ChoiceOne Debit Card.

How long can I use my Community Shores Debit Card?

Your Community Shores Debit Card will work through October 18, 2020.  Starting October 19, 2020 you must activate and start using your NEW ChoiceOne Debit Card.

I have a ChoiceOne Debit Card…what do I need to do with this?

You must activate your NEW ChoiceOne Debit Card starting October 19.  You will not be able to activate and use this card prior to October 19.

How do I activate my new ChoiceOne Debit Card?

You can activate your ChoiceOne Debit Card by calling our automated voice system at 1-800-290-7893.  To activate the card and set a PIN number, you will need the Social Security number (if a personal card) or Business TIN (if a business card) of the card holder.


I can’t find my new ChoiceOne Debit Card.

ChoiceOne Debit Cards were mailed to customers between October 5 and October 15.  Look for an unmarked white envelope – we do not brand our debit card mailings for your safety.  If you still cannot find your new ChoiceOne Debit Card, temporary cards are available at any Branch location or call us at (888) 775-6687 and we will order one for you!

My debit card does not work!
  1. Debit cards issued by Community Shores Bank will only work through October 18, 2020.
  2. ChoiceOne Debit Cards will only work once activated starting October 19, 2020.
Does my ChoiceOne Debit Card have the same number as my old Community Shores Debit Card?

No.  Your ChoiceOne Debit Card is a NEW card.  If you have set up recurring payments (for example, Netflix or utility bills) you will need to update your payment information.


How does ChoiceOne protect me when I use my card?

ChoiceOne bank uses a world-class fraud detection system to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your card.  This system will flag and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions from hitting your card.  In the event we stop a transaction, we will freeze your card and call you to verify transactions.


How can I help keep my debit card safe?
  • Monitor your checking account using online banking and use the alerts that are available.
  • Protect your PIN 
  • Don’t use public wireless access for financial transactions
  • Notify us when you will be traveling via online banking or the mobile app or call us.
  • Report any problems immediately!
Can I get alerts on my new ChoiceOne Debit Card?

Yes!  Starting October 19, you will be able to monitor and control your ChoiceOne Debit Card using ChoiceOne Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking.  Within online and mobile banking you have the ability to do the following with your debit card:

  • Set text and email alerts for your debit card
  • Turn your card “on” and “off” using the mobile app
  • Tell us you will be traveling
  • Set controls on your debit card including spending limits and restrict usage by merchant type
  • Report your card lost or stolen


Telephone Banking

How do I use ChoiceOne Telephone Banking?

If you use Telephone Banking, you will need to re-enroll. The new number is 800.887.8282.  You will need your account number and Social Security number to enroll.


Online and Mobile Banking

What do I need to know about online and mobile banking?

In the merger all Community Shores online and mobile banking customers will be able to start using the ChoiceOne system starting Monday, October 19.  Here is the timeline.

  • Sunday, October 11 – Last day to use Community Shores Bill Pay system
  • Wednesday, October 14 – Last day for Community Shores ACH/Payroll files (Business ACH customers only)
  • Friday, October 16 at 2:00 PM - The Community Shores Online Banking system will be unavailable starting Friday, October 16 at 2:00 PM as we complete the merger
  • Monday, October 19 - All community shores customers will be able to log into the ChoiceOne Online Banking system starting October 19 at 9:00 AM.  You may also download and log into the ChoiceOne Bank mobile app.


How do I log into ChoiceOne Bank Online Banking?
  1. Starting Monday, October 19 at 9:00 AM you may go to and click the padlock on the upper left side
    • This will open up the Username box
    • Business customers with ACH/Payroll should use the “Classic Business” button to sign in
  2. Your Username is the same as with Community Shores Bank (unless you have been contacted)
  3. Personal Customers – Your password is the last 4 of the Social Security Number of the primary account holder
    Business Customers – Your Password is the last 4 of the TIN of business


I can’t log into ChoiceOne Bank Online Banking!
  1. Remember – Community Shores Online Banking will not be available starting Friday, October 16 at 2:00 PM.  You will not be able to log into the ChoiceOne Bank system until Monday, October 19, at 9:00AM.
  2. Double check the password you are using:
    • Personal Customers – Your password is the last 4 of the Social Security Number of the primary account holder
    • Business Customers – Your Password is the last 4 of the TIN of business
  3. You will be locked out after 3 attempts – if you are locked out you can reset your password using the forgot password link or please call us at 1-888-775-6687 and we can help you!
How do I get the ChoiceOne mobile app?

The app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple App store

When can I see my old statements or check images?

Archived statements and check images (before October 16, 2020) will not be available in online banking until later this year. The information can be obtained by sending us a message within online banking, calling customer service at (888) 775.6687. or visiting your local branch.

Can I make loan payments in online banking?

If you use online banking to make loan payments, your loan should automatically show up. Please double check this, and if you do not see your loans in ChoiceOne Online Banking, contact customer service for assistance.


I am a business customer with ACH/Payroll, where can I learn more?

You can learn more and watch instructional videos at: Treasury Training Videos Portal

What else should I know about Online and Mobile Banking?
  • The last day to use Community Shores Bill Pay is Sunday, October 11.
  • Person-to-Person payments will not be converted or transferred onto the ChoiceOne Online Banking system.
  • eBills within Bill Pay must be reestablished within the ChoiceOne Bill Pay system. They will not be converted.
How can I learn more about online banking?

You can learn more about our award winning online banking at our Online Banking Welcome Page.



Will the hours be changing at any Community Shores locations?

The hours at the former Community Shores locations are unchanged.  See our locations at:


Can I visit any ChoiceOne Branch?

Yes – starting October 19 you may visit any ChoiceOne branch for service.

I have more questions!

Please see our Welcome Guide for additional FAQs, send us a message in mobile or online banking, or call us at (888) 775.6687.

Bank Without the Bricks

Access the mobile app on Monday, October 19!  

Username: Your current username

Password: Last four digits of your Social Security Number, or last four digits of your TIN Number, if you are a business customer.

You will be prompted to create a new password when you log in. 

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